10. Pay-Per-View Overload


It's just July, however WWE have effectively held nine pay-per-see occasions this year. At the point when Battleground affectation this Sunday, it'll be the organization's fifth significant show in the previous nine weeks, and the most recent section in a steady schedule that has scarcely backed off since the Royal Rumble on January 29th. 

The normal time between WWE PPVs has been abbreviated to just shy of three weeks in 2017. Best case scenario, fans are conceded a four-week respite from significant occasions, yet such crevices are ending up plainly progressively uncommon. The organization scarcely give the gathering of people enough time to rest between PPVs nowadays: burnout is a main problem, and real occasions accompanied such consistency that it's anything but difficult to forget about the timetable. 

All these additional compensation per-sees increase the value of your month to month Network membership expense, yet the presentation of customary, mark particular shows has obstructed WWE's date-book. They don't feel anything near unique any longer, and it's difficult to get energized for the shows when they travel every which way so frequently Unfortunately, WWE's attention on "super serving" their gathering of people implies that unless Network memberships hit an enormous downturn, the over-immersion will proceed.