1. Declining Championships

SmackDown was an inert show before the 2016 draft. While not so much unenjoyable, the blue brand was minimal more than Raw Lite, frequently highlighting rehash matches and points from the prior night. Nothing critical at any point occurred on SD, which made it absolutely skippable, and totally unappealing to everything except the diehards. 

The split has worked ponders in such manner. SmackDown at long last feels like a show worth observing once more, and this is mostly down to the personality it has produced in the course of recent months. While Raw remains WWE's ritzy games amusement production line, SD consolidates more exploratory booking with superhuman in-ring endeavors from any semblance of AJ Styles, making an extraordinary demonstrate that doesn't feel like the B alternative any longer. 

SmackDown is as yet overflowing with course reading WWE narrating tropes, and the organization could absolutely accomplish more to separate it from Raw. The bookers' decisions don't generally go over as planned either (see: the Wyatt/Orton quarrel), yet as far as making the blue brand applicable once more, the split has been a win. It'll never be immaculate, and the evaluations stay stuck behind Raw's, however the upturn is irrefutable.