2. The Role Of Authority Figures

For whatever length of time that the McMahons are in-control, oppressive expert figures will never be a long way from WWE TV. Malicious managers have been a major piece of the organization's customizing since the introduction of Mr. McMahon in 1997, and keeping in mind that Stephanie and Triple H will dependably discover approaches to re-enter the spotlight, the way Commissioners and General Managers have been used has changed through the brand split. 

Adversarial supervisors are a relic of past times on SmackDown, where Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan are commended, not upbraided. They're on TV consistently, however their reasonableness makes them feel like a complimentary nearness, and on the events that they do venture into the spotlight (Bryan's fight with The Miz, Shane versus AJ Styles), they never drag the show down. 

Stephanie has been far from Raw since WrestleMania 33, which has permitted GM Kurt Angle to represent without huge restriction. It won't be long until she begins tossing her weight around once more, obviously, however the times of expert figures bringing down the show are in the rearview. They'll never vanish totally, the present circumstance is far expelled from The Authority's darkest days, and or that we should be thankful.