6. Stretched Women's & Tag Team Divisions


While the greater part of WWE's men's singles divisions haven't battled for numbers since the brand split began, the same can't be said for their specialty gatherings. The organization's ladies' and label group scenes looked to a great degree thin before the 2016 draft, and part them in two has compounded the issues, especially among the second gathering. 

The New Day, Usos, and Breezango are the main groups with any sort of validity on SmackDown, and the same goes for the Hardys, Sheamus and Cesaro, and The Revival on Raw. Directionless lower card groups involve whatever remains of the programs, and the same goes for the ladies' division, with each brand's gathering including only a few honest to goodness stars. 

It would've seemed well and good for WWE to toss every one of the ladies on one brand, and the groups on the other. The organization ruled against going down that course, in any case, and rather than two all around loaded gatherings, we've been left with four best substantial divisions with little of enthusiasm going ahead outside the principle title programs. A disgrace, as there's all that anyone could need ability to make the two scenes fascinating and dynamic through and through - they're quite recently extended too thin.