8. Sharing The Spotlight


One of the side-effects of having such an enormous ability pool is that the scholars feel obliged to pack however many of these wrestlers onscreen as would be prudent. This has brought about an extensive move far from singular one on one competitions to bigger, multi-individual storylines, with the SmackDown ladies' division encountering an especially huge downturn. 

Indeed, SmackDown's authors make a decent showing with regards to of getting their ladies on TV, however they've been bolted into packed plots for a great part of the year. It's difficult to emerge when you're compelled to impart a scene to five or six other individuals on the double, and keeping in mind that the preferences o Becky Lynch were once leading figures, they've turned out to be faceless since this training turned into the standard. 

No one gets the chance to demonstrate any identity when they're reserved in bunches, and no one gets over. These stories are shallow, flat, and uncreative, without any outcomes for the champs and failures, and little variety from point to edge. 


It merits saying that if not for this strategy, WWE would be paying much more wrestlers to sit at home twiddling their thumbs, however in the event that they hadn't been so overeager in conveying new faces to the list, neither of these issues would exist.