9. A Female Story Mode

Sasha Banks WWE 2K17

Discussing which, ample opportunity has already past a WWE computer game included some kind of female story mode. Now, we're grasping onto 2K18 may incorporate any Superstar-driven story mode at all, yet one concentrated on the ladies would bode well right at this point. You know, 'female unrest' is overflowing what not. 

Playing through the Banks versus Pizazz contention is ideal for this. Not exclusively did they have many matches on Raw, the combine likewise worked Hell In A Cell and Iron Woman sessions as well. Consideration, 2K: individuals would love this sort of thing, since that quarrel was one of 2016's generally engaging. In addition, it happened a year ago, so you've had room schedule-wise to take a shot at it. 

The capacity to take a female WWE star and play as them in any kind of Story/Career Mode has been missing throughout the years, so this would be extremely generally welcomed. For hell's sake, even a Divas review that tells the story of how ladies' wrestling has changed appears as though it'd be magnificent.