8. Less Reliance On Older Wrestlers To Shift Copies

Kurt Angle WWE 2K18

Take a gander at the promoting for the past number of WWE titles and it's reasonable to see that sentimentality offers. Need to play as The Ultimate Warrior, Sting, Bill Goldberg or Kurt Angle however? All things considered, you better understand that pre-arrange in right on time, else you'll need to play additional for DLC upon discharge. Things weren't generally thusly. 

Overlooking the jar of worms we'd be opening by belligerence against downloadable substance, a snappy take a gander at more established WWE diversions demonstrates an alternate method for offering the amusements. WWF War Zone, Attitude and the initial few SmackDown sections were sold on playing as the present program. Envision that. It appears an outlandish idea these days. 

Sentimentality does offer, that is irrefutable, but there's only one niggling issue: shouldn't the children these amusements are clearly gone for need to play as more present day stars? Kurt Angle is a slick declaration, however hold it there, 2K. With Seth Rollins as the cover star as of now, the potential is there to make 2K18 about cutting edge WWE instead of an oldie but a goodie.