3. Ability To Play Around With WWE Superstar Aesthetics

Cesaro Sheamus Hair

Wouldn't it be sweet if Cesaro could develop hair and had a mohawk like his label accomplice, Sheamus? No? Indeed, that is the excellence of having a supposition, since you could do precisely what you needed to do in your WWE Universe. The potential outcomes ought to be unfathomable. 

2K have permitted some customisation of in-diversion WWE stars before, however that has for the most part come down to changing Randy Orton's trunks to green or displaying another beige shirt for John Cena. It'd be awesome to have the capacity to change the hairdos of these folks, give them piercings/new tattoos or altogether change their style. 

This is an almost negligible difference, in light of the fact that 2K pride themselves on conveying a bona fide WWE encounter, however playing around with feel would fit into the Universe Mode as well. Need to give AJ Styles a hair style? Do it. Think Jinder Mahal looks better in jean shorts in the wake of turning babyface? Thump yourself out.