2. Weapons In The Royal Rumble

WWE 2K17 Royal Rumble
2K Sports

2K have just uncovered that the Royal Rumble will be getting a redesign in 2K18. New end mechanics feature the progressions, and the past top of 6 wrestlers in-ring without a moment's delay will be reached out to 8. While these improvements are pleasant, we're not breaking out the gathering caps until there are some more. 

Having the capacity to leave the ring would be decent, however the cherry over the cake would come if 2K permitted weapon use in the Rumble. These don't should be the default settings however; having the capacity to change the standards of the 30-man match to suit your requirements could be the route forward. Playing an in-your-face Rumble sounds like a decent change of pace. 

Imagine a scenario in which a few wrestlers went to the ring as of now conveying a weapon. This shakes up the whole Rumble idea, particularly if players can kill time and fight outside the ring. To quit tricking, 2K could even have ringside refs persuade wrestlers once more into the ring after a brief period.