7. Smarter Reversal System

WWE 2K17 Brock Lesnar Seth Rollins
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Everybody who has gotten any of 2K's WWE titles knows the sentiment dissatisfaction as a well used down adversary effortlessly switches your completing move, in a flash stripping the energy bar and compelling you to develop it back. That is quite recently irritating, and there must be a more brilliant approach to get things done than improbable inversions that vibe more scripted than a Roman Reigns promo. 

When you have a rival (actually) on the ropes, he/she shouldn't have the capacity to battle back like the match is 2 minutes in and they're super human. WWE matches do have pinnacles and troughs without a doubt, however these diversions make such a great amount of commotion about being reproduction encounters. This is one arcade-like gameplay characteristic that must vanish in case we're proceeding down the sim course. 

Yes, it's conceivable to alter the sliders and make it harder for the CPU to counter, however who needs to invest energy doing that when there's a diversion to play? It's up to the engineers to make the amusement fun and smooth, not the individuals who get it.