6. Complete Freedom When Creating

26 Bobby Roode Entrance NXT Toronto

It's a flat out tragedy to make and play as Bobby Roode in WWE 2K17 just to discover that you can't utilize his "Heavenly" signature music. Rather, players need to depend on a current Superstar subject or utilize one of the non specific tracks included on plate. We request the capacity to transfer our own tracks in 2K18. 

WWE computer games have utilized this element some time recently. 2K wouldn't be doing anything noteworthy, however they would be giving gamers back something that is woefully missed. There are couple of things more terrible than investing hours on that ideal advanced entertainment of your on-screen most loved just to understand that utilizing 'Cutting edge 2' is your exclusive choice. 

At any rate add the capacity to utilize the authorized music that plays amid menu screens. Is that truly an excessive amount to inquire? When somebody goes to the inconvenience of jumping into that creation suite, the final product is one we hope to be great. Exhausting tracks like "Goth" and 'Battling Spirit' simply don't cut it.