4. Classic Commentary For Classic Matches


Albeit genuine that 2K should concentrate on the present item far more than the previous couple of recreations have, that doesn't mean they can't pay tribute to the past as well. All things considered, having the capacity to reproduce matches like Sting versus Ric Flair from the Great American Bash 1990 or Mankind versus The Undertaker from King Of The ring 1998 is appealing. 

What's not appealing is hearing the dulcet tones of Michael Cole portray these matches. That is not feedback of Cole, he just shouldn't be commentating these memorable matches. He wasn't there when they happened, so it feels shaking to hear him enthusiastically nag about 'vintage Mick Foley' when Mankind has recently taken that knock through the Cell. 

Hearing time-delicate critique would be fabulous. It'd be a test, however 2K could undoubtedly lift lines from the WWE documents and weave them together relying upon what's going on in the match. Falling flat that, get Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Jerry Lawler and others in to record a few lines exclusively for these entertainers, so picking them offers something selective.