4. Universal Title: Brock Lesnar (c) Vs. Samoa Joe

Brock Lesnar Samoa Joe
Result:Brock butchers Joe with the F-5 to hold the All inclusive Title (6:27). 

Rating: Admirably, it was clear this wouldn't be a long battle because of its poor start, and it was enigmatically irritating that the table spot occurred before the chime rung, however overall this was a sagaciously reserved and energizing run of a headliner. 

Benevolently it wasn't only a suplex-fest the same number of dreaded, and Brock's suplex inversion out of the corner was in reality quite awesome, however after such a variety of short matches Brock presumably should've taken care of business here. 

One gets the feeling that WWE would not like to blow the A+ adaptation of this match on such an irrelevant PPV, so perhaps it should've been put something aside for a lead occasion, as SummerSlam. All things considered, it was exciting given the designated time, and made a stellar showing with regards to making the two men look completely savage. 6/10