4. Goldust And Marlena

The weirdest, most cryptic and surprising couple in WWE is, without a sorry excuse for an uncertainty, Goldust and Marlena. For a very long time, fans were not by any means sure if the brilliant one was keen on ladies, his showy behavior and mind games recommending he might be the principal gay character in WWE history. Flanked by his "chief" Marlena, he was garish and whimsical and would play on the homophobic idea of men during the 1990s to hold onto control of some random circumstance. As fans discovered in 1997, however, Goldust was not gay, he was a hitched man with a little girl at home. There was constantly a sexuality about Goldust and Marlena that did not exist somewhere else on the show. They realized how to control the cameras, playing to the survey group of spectators in the most outwardly striking ways. She was hot, he was convincing and the two were a dazzling couple any semblance of which have not been seen since. A psychological breakdown by Dustin Runnels in late 1997 finished the relationship, not long after it had finished, all things considered. Goldust experienced a huge change, getting to becoming.

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