5. Eddie Guerrero And Chyna

Mamacita couldn't avoid some Latino Heat! Only one night expelled from crushing Eddie Guerrero as a feature of a six-man label coordinate at WrestleMania 2000, Chyna stunned the wrestling scene by selling out Chris Jericho (that is turning into a pattern...poor charlatan) and surrendered to the appeal and sexuality of her previous adversary. Together, the two Superstars made for an incredibly engaging couple, Chyna letting down her gatekeeper and surrendering to the funniness that resulted each time Guerrero grasped his ludicrous persona. From numerous points of view, Guerrero and Chyna turned into the couple of the new Millennium, a man and lady apparently without much in like manner meeting up out of adoration for one another, paying little heed to what any other person said or did. Lamentably, desire raised its terrible head and the relationship arrived at an end that fall.

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